GREEN Policy

Whitebridge Hotel is surrounded by magnificent natural scenery and wildlife and we are committed to help preserve it for future generations by reducing our impact on the environment.

We aim to adhere to good environmental practice and improve where possible.
We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation.
Staff will be made aware of green issues and how they can help, particularly with waste recycling.
We recycle glass, paper, cans and cardboard and encourage guests to help us with this.
We monitor electricity, gas and water consumption and look for ways of reducing it, such as upgrading insulation and draught-proofing where possible
The majority of our lights contain low energy bulbs.
We do not wash laundry until there is a full load.
Gas appliances in the kitchen are turned to minimum when possible during service.
We print as few sheets of paper as possible from the computer and use recycled ink cartridges.
We will try to protect and help wildlife within the grounds of the hotel. There is a log of wildlife sightings around the hotel and we encourage guests and staff to record sightings in the log.

We encourage guests to enjoy our environment and are delighted to discuss the best places to walk and see local wildlife. The South Loch Ness Trail is on our doorstep.

We hope that our guests will want to help us reduce our environmental impact.

The progress of our environmental performance will be reviewed each year.

Whitebridge Hotel 
March 2016

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