Whitebridge Hotel


The Whitebridge Lochs are a famous group of hill lochs scattered among the hills to the south of Loch Ness. The larger of the lochs, most of which have boats (no outboard motors are allowed since many of the lochs are also the source of water supply to estates), provide excellent fishing in wonderful yet very accessible remoteness. Most lochs are only metres from a road, a fact that has a lot to do with the popularity of the area, particularly from mid May through June and July when trout fishing is at its best. Many of the lochs are on private estates and boats can be arranged at reception. £35.00 per day, £25.00 per half day or evening.

A Ghillie is available by prior arrangement.

Loch Knockie is one of the better lochs, and with the right conditions it will produce a mixed basket of fish from 10oz to 1lb. Fly Only.

Our land also backs on to the River Fechlin with fishing available there too.

It is advisable to book early during May/June!

A damsel fly resting on a plant, above water, with some blurry flies
Damsel fly
A stony beach in the foreground, water of a loch and trees and mountains
Shoreline of Loch
Loch Knockie viewed across moorland
Loch from the Viewpoint.
A page from the fishing log, with handwritten catch records and sketched fish
Hotel's fishing log, dated 1902.