May 3, 2021

It’s good to be back…..

We were thrilled last week to be able to open our doors and welcome guests and visitors back into our lovely wee hotel. We took some time today to reflect on the week that just passed.

Being closed gave us a chance to enjoy the immediately surrounding area and discover new walks and appreciate the slower pace of life. But it also left us feeling like we were in an echo chamber. We realised that working in hospitality we are used to receiving instant and constant feedback. Having time to work on developing and improving the business is fun and exciting but it means nothing without people.

We got off to a slow and steady start when we opened on Monday 26th April but it gave us time to get to grips with our new fancy till system and to get our new team members up to date. By the time the weekend came, everyone seemed to have the same idea: first pint, first meal out, first overnight stay away in a different 4 walls. We were blown away by how busy we were.

Thank you to each and every one of you who came out and stayed with us, drank with us and dined with us. And thank you for your feedback – which we are delighted to say was awesome!

Prize winners

It was an absolute pleasure to host Mr and Mrs Low this week who won a 4 night stay with us via the Probus magazine.

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